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NEXTGEN STEEL & ALLOYS is widely acknowledged for quality products and superior service with production and supply of Shim Washers. We are one of the leading manufacturers of strong and durable Washers with a wide specification range. These are widely used in large industrial sectors. Our shim washers are accepted for outstanding material and toughness at inexpensive rates. We ensure global quality standards are attained with various grades of material and specifications.

Shim Washers are thin structures in circular shapes used for stacking and placed below the screw head. It is a greatly precise spacer useful in multiple applications.

Shim Washers

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NEXTGEN STEEL & ALLOYS supplies Shim Washers fabricated in various sizes and dimensions with standard thicknesses. These Shim Washers are accurate in dimension and placed under a screw head to level the surface. They eliminate excess gaps within the device. These are made of various materials according to application needs. The mainly high carbon steel also called blue tempered, is used to fabricate these washers. Other standard materials include brass, stainless steel, as well as some non-standard materials are also used. The Washer distributes the load when used with any threaded fasteners.

NEXTGEN STEEL & ALLOYS proffers these high-quality, reliable shims. They are finely polished surfaces placed between the device and the screw head. They are stronger to bear pressure in heavy machines. These washers are corrosion resistant and withstand a wide range of temperatures. Many applications are suitable for using these washers due to their excellent resistance to decomposition in atmospheric conditions and acidic surroundings. According to specifications, they are used in various temperatures. They possess excellent serviceability and a larger life span. Our Shim Washers are easy to assemble, and the plane surface allows excellent fitting of fasteners. Shim Washers are used in several industries like the automobile and manufacturing industries.

Other Shims Products:

What is a shim washer?

A Shim washer is a thin, flat piece of metal or hard plastic with a disc-shaped outer edge. It is used to fill in gaps between two surfaces that need to be aligned, such as between two vehicle parts or two construction materials. In automotive and construction applications, a shim washer is used for tightening joints and preventing structural defects. The thinness of the shim washer allows it to work without creating an uneven surface and taking away from the look of the finished piece. Shim washers provide added support for hardware pieces that bear weight and are also used to balance angled heights on uneven floors.

What does a washer shim do?

Washer shims provide a crucial function in many mechanical applications; they are used to ensure that the device functions accurately and that components such as screws, rods, or pins mount securely and stay in place. Without washer shims, certain pieces of machinery may not operate properly leading to malfunction. They are made from a range of materials including plastic, steel, and brass and can be custom-made for specific applications, allowing machinery to function correctly in any environment it is exposed to. Washer shims are essential to guarantee excellent performance and added longevity for countless machines around the world.

Standard Specifications for Shim Washer

Material Hardness

Shim Washers = 170-225 HV
Support Washers = 44-49 HRC.


0.03 to 0.05mm.



Materials available

Aluminum, Brass, Beryllium Copper, Copper, Carbon Steel, Mild Steel, Stainless steel, Titanium, Nickel, Inconel, Hastelloy, Monel




Dia M3 - M150

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Shim Washers Sizes

ID (Inside Diameter) MM OD (Outside Diameter) MM THICKNESS (MM)
32 40 0.15
32 40 0.15
32 40 0.02
35 50 0.02
35 40 0.05
35 40 0.02
109 120 0.04
28 60 0.05
38.5 50 0.02
38.5 50 0.075
38.5 50 0.125
38.5 50 0.228
25 50 0.02
25 50 0.04
25 50 0.175
115 129 00.04
35 58 0.03
38.5 50 0.04
115 129 0.53
115 129 0.78
115 129 0.228
116.5 100 0.25
116.5 100 1
116.5 100 0.09
116.5 100 0.06
ID (Inside Diameter) MM OD (Outside Diameter) MM THICKNESS (MM)
160 91 1.075
44.65 78.5 0.127
44.65 78.5 1
44.65 78.5 0.25
44.65 78.5 0.5
35.4 42 0.8
35.4 42 0.13
35.4 42 0.5
35.4 42 1.2
31.75 59 1
31.75 59 0.25
31.75 59 0.5
38.75 71.5 0.25
38.75 71.5 1
38.75 71.5 0.5
41 65 0.6
41 65 0.7
41 65 0.8
41 65 1
42 49 2
27 32 2
42 49 2

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Application of Shim Washers

Shim Washers in Power and Utilities
Power and Utilities 55%
Shim Washers in Petrochemical
Petrochemical 80%
Shim Washers in Construction Equipment
Construction Equipment 69%
Shim Washers in Industrial Engineering
Industrial Engineering 74%
Shim Washers in Architectural
Architectural 85%
Shim Washers in Aerospace Engineering
Aerospace Engineering 60%
Shim Washers in Automotive components
Automotive components 70%

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