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TANTALUM Plain WasherS, TA2.5W Washer, TANTALUM UNS R05400 Washer, TANTALUM UNS R05200 WasherS, TANTALUM Locking Washer, TANTALUM Spring Washer, TANTALUM Countersunk Washer, UNS R05255 TANTALUM Washer, TANTALUM Fender Washer, TANTALUM TA-10W WasherS, TANTALUM WasherS MANUFACTURER IN MUMBAI, INDIA.

Nextgen Steel & Alloys is one of the comprehensive and best companies with vast collections of the Tantalum Washer. Our company includes the high-tech and premium quality of tools utilized for the manufacturing of the washer. Our team already have high studies and knowledge about these manufacturing and other surroundings of the products. We utilized the materials verified and tested by our professionals for Tantalum Washer. Our company’s overall working sectors and processes are verified, so we don’t face any issue in the middle of the manufacture. Our overall products and types are accessible in varied specifications, thickness, sizes, diverse frames and patterns, and can easily be used for diverse applications and business sectors.

Tantalum Washers

TA2.5W TANTALUM Square WasherS STOCKIST, TANTALUM UNS R05200 Ogee WasherS, TANTALUM UNS R05252 Star Washer, TANTALUM UNS R05200 Flat WasherS, BUY TANTALUM UNS R05200 Hex WasherS, TANTALUM Dome WasherS STOCKHOLDER, TANTALUM UNS R05400 Tab Washer, TANTALUM UNS R05240 INDUSTRIAL WasherS, TANTALUM TA-10W Split Ring Washer, TANTALUM Tooth Washer, TANTALUM Split Lock Washer, TANTALUM Machine Washer, TANTALUM Curved Spring WasherS SUPPLIER IN INDIA.

At Nextgen Steel & Alloys, washers manufacturing starts from making the plan and workflow. We often include the clients in the manufacturing process to check the quality of products and recommend the specifications if they want in their customized Tantalum Washer. We utilized the standard materials and elements for products; they have the high tolerance level and worked better with the critical applications. Our products have great features and modern touch of technology to easily work with different sorts of applications. Our products come with the latest designs as per the marketing trends that our team follow, so our products have the latest specifications. We also offer the great testing phases that ensure the overall features of Tantalum Washer and ensure that the products meet the client’s requirements and fulfil their needs. After completing the phase, we work on the next processes.

Nextgen Steel & Alloys provide the premium and supreme packaging for the Tantalum Washer. The packaging quality ensures that the washer offered by us will remain safe until they receive it to the client’s destinations. In addition, we have a great team of dispatching who take care of delivery conditions and offer reliable delivery. As a result, our company’s Tantalum Washer have great orders, and our customers made this achievable as they adore the quality of our products and appreciate our services and procedures. With the help of all these objectives, we are on top of the global platform.

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Tantalum Washer Dimension Standard

DIN 125/127, ISO 7089/7090, ASME B18.22.1

Tantalum Washer Type

Cold Forged, Hot Forged, Bar Stock Machined, Bar Stock Milling

Tantalum Washers Size

M02 to M33

Tantalum Washers Length

3 mm to 200 mm

Tantalum Washers STOCK

Plain Washer

Plain Washer

  • Ta2.5W Plain Washers Supplier
  • UNS R05240 Tantalum Plain Washer
  • UNS R05400 Plain Washers
  • UNS R05255 Plain Washers
  • Tantalum R05252 Plain Washer Manufacturer
  • Ta-10W Plain Washer
  • Tantalum R05200 Plain Washer
  • Tantalum Ta-10W Plain Washers
  • UNS R05200 Tantalum Plain Washer Stockist
  • Ta2.5W Plain Washer
Flat Washer

Flat Washer

  • Tantalum R05200 Flat Washer Manufacturer
  • UNS R05240 Flat Washers
  • R05400 Tantalum Flat Washer Stockist
  • Ta2.5W Flat Washer
  • Tantalum Ta-10W Flat Washers
  • Ta2.5W Flat Washers
  • Tantalum UNS R05255 Flat Washer
  • Tantalum R05252 Flat Washer
  • Tantalum UNS R05200 Flat Washers Supplier
  • Ta-10W Flat Washer
Split Washer

Split Washer

  • Ta2.5W Split Washers Supplier
  • UNS R05240 Tantalum Split Washer
  • UNS R05400 Split Washers
  • UNS R05255 Split Washers
  • Tantalum R05252 Split Washer Manufacturer
  • Ta-10W Split Washer
  • Tantalum R05200 Split Washer
  • Tantalum Ta-10W Split Washers
  • UNS R05200 Tantalum Split Washer Stockist
  • Ta2.5W Split Washer
Spring Washer

Spring Washer

  • Tantalum R05200 Spring Washer Manufacturer
  • UNS R05240 Spring Washers
  • R05400 Tantalum Spring Washer Stockist
  • Ta2.5W Spring Washer
  • Tantalum Ta-10W Spring Washers
  • Ta2.5W Spring Washers
  • Tantalum UNS R05255 Spring Washer
  • Tantalum R05252 Spring Washer
  • Tantalum UNS R05200 Spring Washers Supplier
  • Ta-10W Spring Washer
Locking Washer

Locking Washer

  • Ta2.5W Locking Washers Supplier
  • UNS R05240 Tantalum Locking Washer
  • UNS R05400 Locking Washers
  • UNS R05255 Locking Washers
  • Tantalum R05252 Locking Washer Manufacturer
  • Ta-10W Locking Washer
  • Tantalum R05200 Locking Washer
  • Tantalum Ta-10W Locking Washers
  • UNS R05200 Tantalum Locking Washer Stockist
  • Ta2.5W Locking Washer
Square Washer

Square Washer

  • Tantalum R05200 Square Washer Manufacturer
  • UNS R05240 Square Washers
  • R05400 Tantalum Square Washer Stockist
  • Ta2.5W Square Washer
  • Tantalum Ta-10W Square Washers
  • Ta2.5W Square Washers
  • Tantalum UNS R05255 Square Washer
  • Tantalum R05252 Square Washer
  • Tantalum UNS R05200 Square Washers Supplier
  • Ta-10W Square Washer

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(Ta10W) / (%,Max)
(Ta2.5W) / (%,Max)
(Ta-40Nb) / (%,Max)


GradeTensile strength δbpsi (MPa), ≥Yield strength δ0.2, psi (MPa),≥Elongation in 1″/2″ gage length, %, ≥
R05200 / R0540030000 (207)20000 (138)25
R0525240000 (276)28000 (193)20
R0525570000 (481)60000 (414)15
R0524040000 (276)28000 (193)20


Tantalum Ta2.5W Washer

UNS R05240 Plain Washer

Tantalum UNS R05240 Locking Washers

Tantalum UNS R05240 Spring Washers

UNS R05240 Countersunk Washer Exporter

Ta2.5W Fender Washers

Tantalum Washer Price

Tantalum Ta-10W Square Washers Wholesaler

Tantalum R05200 Washers Manufacturer in India

Tantalum R05200 Washers in India

Tantalum Ta2.5W Ogee Washer Traders

Custom Tantalum UNS R05400 Star Washer

Tantalum Spherical Washer in Mumbai

UNS R05400 Tantalum Washers

Tantalum UNS R05255 Flat Washer Exporter

Tantalum Plain Washer

Ta-10W Hex Washer Stock

UNS R05255 Tantalum Dome Washers

Ta-10W Tantalum Tab Washers

Tantalum UNS R05255 Split Washer

Tantalum Ta2.5W Split Ring Washers

UNS R05252 Tooth Washer

Ta2.5W Tantalum Split Lock Washer

Tantalum Ta-10W Curved Spring Washers

Tantalum Machine Washer

UNS R05252 Tantalum Bonded Sealing Washer Stockists


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APPLICATION OF Tantalum Washers

Tantalum Washers in Oil & Gas Exploration
Oil & Gas Exploration 86%
Tantalum Washers in Shipbuilding
Shipbuilding 77%
Tantalum Washers in Petrochemical
Petrochemical 74%
Tantalum Washers in Nuclear Power Plants
Nuclear Power Plants 62%
Tantalum Washers in Food & Dairy Industries
Food & Dairy Plants 87%
Tantalum Washers in Chemical Industries
Chemical Industries 76%
Tantalum Washers in Pharmaceutical Industries
Pharmaceutical 68%


MIDDLE EAST : Saudi Arabia, Iran, Ira, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman, Kuwait, Turkey, Yemen, Syria, Jordan, Cyprus

AFRICA : Nigeria, Algeria, Angola, South Africa, Libya, Egypt, Sudan, Equatorial Guinea, the Republic Of Congo, Gabon

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