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Nextgen Steel & Alloys are prominent amongst the top-notch companies manufacturing various supplies and tools. Our company is a best company for manufacturing and supplying highest quality Aluminium Alloy 7475 Sheets & Plates. In our company these sheets are available in various specification about standards, surface finish, thickness, width, and lengths. This alloy has high thermal and electrical conductivity. When this alloy is exposed in low temperature then it gain extra strength and this alloy loss their properties in high temperatures. This is a benefit when this alloy is used in cooling system. Our sheets and plates has high demand in various industries for various applications. Our product has high corrosion resistance property.

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Chemical composition of this aluminium alloy is contains aluminum, zinc, magnesium, siliocn and chromium. Aluminium Alloy 7475 sheets and plates are highly preferred above other products in the market. Their robustness and durability are setting examples for other products. Aluminium Alloy 7475 Sheets and plates are immune to crack propagation, being a tough alloy. They are the perfect component when it comes to manufacturing aircraft materials. Metalworking options like welding, forging, etc., are strongly supported by Aluminium Alloy 7475 sheets and plates. The only precaution that the client needs to take is that these products must be used with oil-based lubricants. In order to avoid their spring-back action, annealing is the best preferred way to process them. These sheets & Plates are used where combination of high strength and superior fracture toughness is required.

Nextgen Steel & Alloys have a sufficient stock of these products, making them available in many industries all around the globe. We instantly answer to queries and resolve doubts, if any. The more significant effect of tensile capacity is a boon to these alloys. Aluminium Alloy 7475 Plates have brilliant polish, making them look good and presentable. The creep resistance ability is also great and very advantageous while working with machines. They can be used in cooling towers, electric generation plants, petroleum refineries, etc. Aluminium Alloy 7475 sheets and plates manufactured by Nextgen Steel & Alloys are available at pocket-friendly rates. We do not over quote the amount.

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Standard Specifications for Aluminum 7475 Sheet / Plate

Aluminum 7475 Sheet & Plate Specifications

ASTM B209 / ASME SB209

Aluminum 7475 Sheet & Plate Dimension Standard


Aluminum 7475 Sheets/Plates Thickness

0.3 mm to 120 mm

Aluminum 7475 Sheets/Plates Width

1000mm, 1219mm, 1500mm, 1800mm, 2000mm, 2500mm, 3000mm, 3500mm, etc

Aluminum 7475 Sheets/Plates Length

2000mm, 2440mm, 3000mm, 5800mm, 6000mm, etc

Aluminum 7475 Sheet & Plate Finish

2B, 2D, BA NO (8), Cold rolled sheet (CR), Hot rolled plate (HR), SATIN (Met wistrong Plastic Coated), No.1 finish hot rolled, 1D, 2B, No.4, BA, 8K, satin, hairline, brush, mirror etc.

Aluminum 7475 Sheet/Plate Hardness

Half Hard, Soft, Hard, Quarter Hard, Spring Hard

Aluminum 7475 Sheets & Plates Profiling

Plasma Plate Cutting, Laser Plate Cutting, Oxy-propane Flame Cutting

Aluminum 7475 Sheet / Plates Stock


Hot Rolled Sheet

  • ASTM B209 7475 Hot Rolled Sheets
  • ASME SA 240 7475 Hot Rolled Sheets
  • Aluminum 7475 Hot Rolled Sheet
  • Aluminum 7475 Hot Rolled Sheet
  • 7475 Aluminum HR Sheet Stockist
  • UNS A97475 Hot Rolled Sheet
  • Aluminum 3.4384 Hot Rolled Sheets
  • AISI 7475 Hot Rolled Sheet Manufacturer
  • Aluminum Alloy 7475 Hot Rolled Sheets Supplier
  • 7475 Aluminum Hot Rolled Sheet
Cold Rolled Sheet

Cold Rolled Sheet

  • ASTM B209 7475 Cold Rolled Sheets
  • ASME SA 240 7475 Cold Rolled Sheets
  • Aluminum 7475 Cold Rolled Sheet
  • Aluminum Alloy 7475 Cold Rolled Sheet
  • 7475 Aluminum CR Sheet Stockist
  • UNS A97475 Cold Rolled Sheet
  • Aluminum 3.4384 Cold Rolled Sheets
  • AISI 7475 Cold Rolled Sheet Manufacturer
  • Aluminum 7475 Cold Rolled Sheets Supplier
  • 7475 Aluminum Cold Rolled Sheet

Hot Rolled Plate

  • ASTM B209 7475 Hot Rolled Plates
  • ASME SA 240 7475 Hot Rolled Plates
  • Aluminum Alloy 7475 Hot Rolled Plate
  • Aluminum 7475 Hot Rolled Plate
  • 7475 Aluminum CR Plate Stockist
  • UNS A97475 Hot Rolled Plate
  • Aluminum 3.4384 Hot Rolled Plates
  • AISI 7475 Hot Rolled Plate Manufacturer
  • Aluminum 7475 Hot Rolled Plates Supplier
  • 7475 Aluminum Hot Rolled Plate

Cold Rolled Plate

  • ASTM B209 7475 Cold Rolled Plates
  • ASME SA 240 7475 Cold Rolled Plates
  • Aluminum 7475 Cold Rolled Plate
  • Aluminum Alloy 7475 Cold Rolled Plate
  • 7475 Aluminum CR Plate Stockist
  • UNS A97475 Cold Rolled Plate
  • Aluminum 3.4384 Cold Rolled Plates
  • AISI 7475 Cold Rolled Plate Manufacturer
  • Aluminum 7475 Cold Rolled Plates Supplier
  • 7475 Aluminum Cold Rolled Plate


  • ASTM B209 7475 Coils
  • ASME SA 240 7475 Coils
  • Aluminum 7475 Coil
  • Aluminum Alloy 7475 Coil
  • 7475 Aluminum Coils Stockist
  • UNS A97475 Coil
  • Aluminum 3.4384 Coils
  • AISI 7475 Coil Manufacturer
  • Aluminum 7475 Coils Supplier
  • 7475 Aluminum Coil


  • ASTM B209 7475 Circles
  • ASME SA 240 7475 Circles
  • Aluminum 7475 Circle
  • Aluminum Alloy 7475 Circle
  • 7475 Aluminum Circles Stockist
  • UNS A97475 Circle
  • Aluminum 3.4384 Circles
  • AISI 7475 Circle Manufacturer
  • Aluminum 7475 Circles Supplier
  • 7475 Aluminum Circle
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ASTM B209 7475 Aluminum Sheets/Plates Equivalent Grades

Aluminium Grade EN WNr UNS DIN ISO
7475 2802 3.4384 A97475 AlZn5.5MgCu AlZn5.5MgCu(A)

Chemical Composition of Aluminum 7475 Sheet and Plate

Si Fe Cu Mn Mg Cr Zn Ti Others, each Others, total
0.10 0.12 1.2-1.9 0.06 1.9-2.6 0.18-0.25 5.2-6.2 0.06 0.05 0.15

Mechanical Properties of Aluminum 7475 Sheets / Plates

Ultimate Tensile Strength Tensile Yield Strength Elongation at Break
531 MPa, 77000 psi 462 MPa, 67000 psi 12 %

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Application of Aluminum 7475 Sheets & Plates

Aluminum 7475 Sheet/Plates in Oil & Gas Exploration
Oil & Gas Exploration 75%
Aluminum 7475 Sheet/Plates in Shipbuilding
Shipbuilding 82%
Aluminum 7475 Sheet/Plates in Petrochemical
Petrochemical 70%
Aluminum 7475 Sheet/Plates in Nuclear Power Plants
Nuclear Power Plants 65%
Aluminum 7475 Sheet/Plates in Food & Dairy Industries
Food & Dairy Plants 77%
Aluminum 7475 Sheet/Plates in Chemical Industries
Chemical Industries 90%
Aluminum 7475 Sheet/Plates in Pharmaceutical Industries
Pharmaceutical 70%

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