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Nextgen Steel & Alloys is a reputed supplier and manufacturer in a variety of Aluminium Alloy 5754 Round Bars. We offer various options of these round bars that can be selected according to application and project needs. We prominently supply different shapes, thicknesses, forms, and sizes of round bars of various specifications. In addition, we provide customized modifications in random, Fix & Cut Length round bars specifications as per purchasers’ requirements. Large application industries need these round bars such as Transport, Petrochemical, Aerospace, Marine, Military, Household, Appliances. It is also used in Milk churns, Engineering, Structural, Offshore and Onshore, Ship Building & Construction, Lighting and Interior Decorating.

Nextgen Steel & Alloys offers strong and durable bars at economical rates. These round bars are excellent heat tolerance and easy machine features handy engineering applications. These bars can be used in tempered as well as quenched forms suitable in different systems. Our bars are adaptable and not deformed in hot process systems. Therefore it is recommended in heat application systems. These bars make it convenient in lightweight systems due to their aluminium content.


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These Aluminium Alloy 5754 Round Bars oppose scratch and corrosion in harsh environment. It is best suitable in chemical-containing media such as acids as well as chlorides and sulfides. It is improved to resistivity against stress cracking as well as opposes pitting due to atmospheric effects. These bars are most favored in designing engineering products due to their high machinability and formability.

Aluminium Alloy 5754 consists of magnesium with less quantity of other elements like manganese, iron and silicon. It has higher strength that makes it best suited to flooring applications. It is anticorrosive to seawater and polluted surroundings. Therefore these bars are protected in these surroundings. Due to high-quality material, it is utilized in decorates applications.

Nextgen Steel & Alloys produces Aluminium Alloy 5754 Round Bars in the highly equipped division with most modern machines using top crude materials. The metal treatment improves its functionality, and then dimensional accuracy is obtained with an excellent surface finish. It is observed for defects and error elimination during the process. We offer standard packing with convenient material to prevent any damages.

Standard Specifications for Aluminium 5754 Round Bars

Aluminium Alloy 5754 Round Bars Standards

ASTM B221, B211, B565, B316, ISO AlMg4,5Mn0,7

5754 Aluminium Round Bars Dimensions


5754 Aluminum Round bar size

Diameter: 3-~800mm

Aluminium Alloy 5754 Hex Bar size

2-100mm A/F

Aluminium Alloy 5754 Flat bar size

Thickness: 2 -100mm / Width: 10 to 500mm

Aluminium Alloy 5754 Square bar size

4 to 100mm

Aluminium Alloy 5754 Rectangular Size

33 x 30mm to 295 x 1066mm

Aluminium Alloy 5754 Bars Condition

Hardened & tempered, annealed

Aluminum Alloy 5754 Round Bars Temper

O, H12, H14, H16, H18, H19, H22, H24, H26, H28, H32, H34, H36, H38, H111, H112, H114, H116, H321

Aluminum Alloy 5754 Round Bars Finish

Cold (bright) drawn, centreless ground, hot rolled, smooth turned, peeled, slit rolled edge, hot rolled annealed, Rough Turned, Bright, Polish, Grinding, Centreless Ground & Black(CR)

5754 Aluminium Alloy Round Bars Stock

Round Bar

Round Bars

  • Aluminium 3.3535 Round Bars
  • Aluminium 5754 H24 Round Bars
  • Aluminium 5754-O Round Bar
  • 5754 Aluminum Round Bars Supplier
  • Aluminium Alloy 5754 Round Bars Stockist
  • ASME SB211 Aluminium 5754 H112 Round Bar
  • Aluminium 5754 H111 Round Bars Exporter
  • ASTM B211 Aluminum 5754 Round Bar
  • UNS A95754 Round Bars
Square Bar

Square Bars

  • Aluminium 5754 H24 Square Bars Exporter
  • ASTM B211 Aluminum Alloy 5754 Square Bar
  • 5754-O Aluminium Alloy Square Bar
  • 5754 H111 Aluminium Square Bars Supplier
  • Aluminium Alloy 5754 Square Bars
  • Aluminium 3.3547 Square Bars
  • Aluminum 5754 H112 Square Bars Stockist
  • Aluminium 5754 H19 Square Bar
  • UNS A95754 Square Bars
Hex bar

Hex Bars

  • Aluminium 5754-O Hex Bars Exporter
  • Aluminium 5754 H24 Hexagon Bar
  • Aluminum Alloy A95754 Hex Bars
  • ASTM B211 Aluminium 5754 Hex Bar
  • Aluminium Alloy 5754 H19 Hex Bar
  • Aluminum 5754 Hexagon Bars Stockist
  • 5754 H112 Aluminum Hex Bars Supplier
  • Aluminium Alloy 5754-O H111 Hex Bars
  • Aluminium 3.3547 Hex Bars
Flat Bar

Flat Bars

  • 5754 Aluminium Flat Bars Supplier
  • Aluminium 5754 Flat Bars Stockist
  • 5754 H111 Aluminium Flat Bars Exporter
  • ASTM B211 Aluminium 5754 H112 Flat Bar
  • Aluminum 5754-O Flat Bar
  • UNS A95754 Flat Bars
  • Aluminium Alloy 3.3547 Flat Bars
  • Aluminium Alloy 5754 H24 Flat Bars
  • ASME SB211 Aluminium 5754 H19 Flat Bar
Forged Bar

Extruded Bars

  • Aluminium Alloy A95754 Extruded Bars
  • 5754 H111 Aluminium Extruded Bars Exporter
  • Aluminium Alloy 3.3535 Extruded Bars
  • ASTM B221 Aluminium 5754 Extruded Bar
  • 5754 Aluminum Alloy Extruded Bars
  • 5754 Extruded Aluminum Bar Supplier
  • Aluminium 5754 Extruded Round Bar
  • ASME SB221 Aluminum 5754 Extruded Bar
  • Aluminium 5754 Extruded Bars Stockist
Rectangular Bar

Rectangular Bars

  • 5754 Aluminum Rectangle Bars Supplier
  • Aluminium 5754 H111 Rectangular Bars
  • Aluminium 3.3535 Rectangular Bars
  • Al Alloy UNS A95754 Rectangular Bars
  • ASTM B211 Aluminum 5754 Rectangular Bar
  • 5754 H112 Aluminium Alloy Rectangle Bar
  • Aluminium 5754 H19 Rectangular Bars Stockist
  • Aluminium 5754 H24 Rectangular Bars Exporter
  • Aluminium Alloy 5754-O Rectangular Bar
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ASTM B211 Aluminium 5754 Round Bar Equivalent Grades

A95754 EN AW-5754 AlMg3 AlMg3 AA5754 3.3535

Chemical Composition of Aluminium 5754 Round Bars

Mg Mn Si Cu Fe Cr Zn Ti Cu Other (Each) Others (Total) Al
2.60 – 3.60 0.0 – 0.50 0.0 – 0.40 0.0 – 0.40 0.0 – 0.30 0.0 – 0.20 0.0 – 0.15 0.0 – 0.10 0.0 – 0.05 0.0 – 0.05 0.0 – 0.15 Balance

Mechanical Properties of Aluminium 5754 Round Bars

Proof Stress Tensile Strength Elongation at 50 mm Hardness Brinell
80 Min MPa 190 – 260MPa 12 Min % 52 HB

Inventory of Aluminium Alloy 5754 Round Bar

5754 Aluminium Flat Bar Stock

Aluminium 5754 Hollow Bars Supplier in India

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Aluminium Alloy 5754 Hexagonal Bar

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5754 Aluminium Forged Round Bars

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Aluminium Alloy 5754 Bright Bar

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Application of Aluminium 5754 Round Bars

Aluminium Alloy 5754 Round Bars in Oil & Gas Exploration
Oil & Gas Exploration 55%
Aluminium Alloy 5754 Bars, Rods in Shipbuilding
Shipbuilding 80%
Aluminium 5754 H111 Round Bars in Petrochemical
Petrochemical 69%
Aluminium 5754 Round Bars in Nuclear Power Plants
Nuclear Power Plants 74%
5754 H111 Aluminium Round Bar in Food & Dairy Industries
Food & Dairy Plants 85%
5754 Aluminium Alloy Round Bar in Chemical Industries
Chemical Industries 60%
Aluminum Alloy 5754 Round Bars in Pharmaceutical Industries
Pharmaceutical 70%

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